Removing Pests From Clovis Homes & Businesses

For over 30 years, we’ve been proudly serving Clovis homes and businesses with professional pest control ser-vices that work fast – at affordable prices. Life in Clovis, CA is great but it can be miserable if you’ve got a pest infestation. Let us help you live bug-free!

Clovis Is A Great Place To Live -
Unless You’re Infested With Bugs

Located in Fresno County, California, United States, the city of Clovis is known by residents of surrounding cities as a family-friendly, charming city. Clovis was originally started in 1890 as a freight stop on the San Joaquin Valley Railroad, which was one of several short-line railroad companies to start operating in California in 1992.

Decades later, the city of Clovis has a population of about 118, 014 and includes notable businesses like Walmart, Costco, Target, and Save Mart. Clovis also has numerous elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools located within the Clovis Unified School District.

If you’re visiting Clovis, you’ll definitely want to browse Old Town Clovis or visit Master’s Gallery. For those who are feeling adventurous, the Sierra National Forest, Puzzle Effect, and Wild Water Adventure Park are top attractions for Clovis visitors. Alternatively, you can visit the Clovis Botanical Garden, Tactical Ops Brewing, Dan Rouit’s Flat Track Museum, or Ish Brewing. All in all, there are some great things for you to do when you live in Clovis, California. But, if you’re dealing with a pest infestation in your home, the beauty of these Clovis landmarks can be overlooked, and you’ll be miserable.

Clovis pests include centipedes, German cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, American cockroaches, subterranean termites, brown dog ticks, silverfish & firebrats, sowbug/pillbugs, spiders, drywood termites, houseflies, millipedes, house ants, carpenter ants, carpet beetle, powderpost beetle, mice, and rats.

If you’re living in Clovis and struggling to get rid of any pests, you can trust Conquest Pest Control to get the job done right.

Clovis Pest Control Services -
Loved By Customers For 30+ Years

Become Pest-Free

Our Clovis pest control services offer you a way out from your pest problems. As you search for a way to deal with your termite infestations, roach infestations, and other pests, it can be hard to enjoy life and sleep at night. Our Clovis pest control methods help you become pest-free and worry-free.

For Businesses & Homes

Our pest control and pest prevention services are loved by homeowners and commercial property owners throughout Clovis, Fresno, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and prompt handling of any pest issues you have on your property.

Our Pest Control Is Local

Our pest control company is based right here in the San Joaquin Valley, in the heart of California's Central Valley. As part of the local community, we're familiar with the different areas of Clovis and can make recom-mendations based on the area and climate of your property. Unlike most bigger pest control companies, we offer a personal and custom approach to each of your service plans.

Certified Pest Control Techs

Our certified and experienced pest control technicians have over 30+ years of experience. We send each tech-nician to the finest schools and make sure they stay up to date on licenses, certifications, and training. When we send a tech to your home, we want you to know they’re ready to kill bugs. If you have a pest infestation, just send us a request through our website or give us a call today!

Customer Relationship Focus

We have a company culture of developing personal relationships with each of our clients. With this training and experience, you can be sure that you’ll receive exceptional pest control and top-quality customer support in Clovis, CA.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Products

When you’re working with Conquest Pest Control, there are numerous benefits that you’ll enjoy as one of our customers. For one thing, we offer eco-friendly pest control products that will protect your home and family from harsh chemicals that are potentially harmful and toxic to your health and safety.

Keep Your Property Nice

Our pest control methods and pest control services help you maintain your property’s value and integrity, en-suring that the pests in your home or on your property are properly controlled. With fewer pests and critters around, you’ll be less likely to deal with pest-related itching and scratching - that’s always a plus!

Stay Healthy & Safe

In some cases, a lack of pest control can lead to sickness related to disease carried by rats, roaches, and other pests. With our pest control services, you get peace of mind that your home and property are protected against vermin like ants, mice, roaches, rats, and more

Common Questions About
Our Clovis Pest Control Services

When you're searching for the best Clovis pest control company for your needs, it's best to consider two things: the level of service and the cost of service. While most people on a budget only think about price, you also get what you pay for. So, it's a good idea to look at the company's years in business, their reviews online, and what type of pests they treat. If you're a business, be sure to check that the specific pest control company offers business pest control services as well.

Often, when you think of pest control, you only think of pest control services for insects, like roaches or ter-mite control. However, mice and rats are also pests that can annoy or damage your home or property, just like a bed bug infestation or termite problem. However, when you need to control rodent or mice problems, con-tact us for a fair rate on top-quality pest service.

Choosing a top pest control company in Clovis, CA means you'll receive better service at a fair price. Many pest control technicians provide their service on an as-needed basis.


At Conquest Pest Control, we provide pest control service plans on a quarterly, monthly, and bi-monthly basis. This lets our technicians offer superior service quality and ensures you receive the level of pest control service that's most appropriate for your home or business.

In addition to home pest control services, we also offer pest control for business owners as well. After all, it's not just homeowners that need to get rid of bugs and rodents. If you're a business owner and find yourself overrun with pests like rats, roaches, call our exterminators today! Conquest Pest Control has many customers throughout California, the San Joaquin Valley, and Central Valley.

When you're trying to get the most value for your money, you might wonder about the differences between doing your own pest control and hiring a professional pest control service company. One of the main differ-ences with professional pest services is that professional exterminators know what works and exactly how to treat insects, rodents, and other pests.

When you're hiring someone for pest control in Clovis, CA make sure the pest control company is licensed to perform inspection and extermination for both business and residential properties.


Whether you need rats or roaches removed, it's critical to choose a professional that's affordable and appropri-ately certified to handle your house infestation, commercial extermination, or residential pest removal. When it comes to pest control, Clovis residents trust Conquest to exterminate pests.


For over 30 years, we've offered termite control to local business owners and homeowners by offering stellar services. When you need proper removal by true pest exterminators, you know you can pick up the phone and give our team of professionals a call.

According to, the average fee for a service visit from a pest exterminator is between $170, with most rates ranging between $100 and $270. states that the national average price for pest extermination is $173, with most prices ranging between $108 and $260.

There are five factors that determine the cost of pest services for your property:


  1. Property size: As you'd expect, the size of your property affects the insect extermination price. Larger properties have a larger treatment area and require more time to fully service. Smaller treatment areas will often cost less, other factors being equal.
  2. Structural characteristics: The specific materials used in your building or structure also impact the service estimate, as well as how long it's been since the last bug treatment. A commercial workplace has different requirements
  3. Treatment type: The type of pest treatment used during the visit matters as well. Chemical pest treatments typically cost less than natural bug treatments since chemical treatments require less application time but last longer than natural treatments.
  4. Pest problem scope: Once you hire professionals, they'll request access to any affected or susceptible location.
  5. Number of treatments: Following a full inspection, you'll receive a report that explains the pest types found, describes the extent of the problem, and the types of pest treatments that will remedy the problem. Following the initial work, customers often choose one-time, bi-monthly, or monthly solutions to prevent insects from returning.

Yes, Conquest offers Fresno pest services and our headquarters is based in Fresno as well. We understand the convenience that comes when you hire professionals close to your location.

If you have a California home, apartment community, or commercial location, Conquest can help you. Our commitment to serving California homes is unparalleled, including counties like San Bernandino, San Luis Obispo, and more.


To request a free estimate in Fresno, CA, or another location in California, pick up the phone and contact us today! We're waiting for your call and will make sure your job request is handled promptly.


If you are a business owner or have a house outside California, we recommend that you hire a local pest com-pany to perform a service call to your home.

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