Chowchilla Pest Control Services

We’re Keeping Chowchilla Pest-Free With Expert Pest Control

Home to various pests like roaches and termites, Chowchilla can become unbearable without professional pest control. Don’t worry, we can help!

We Kick Termites, Ants, Roaches, & Other Pests Out Of Your Home

Located within California’s Central Valley, Chowchilla is home to notable people, including screenwriter and author Henry Farrell, Star Trek film producer Ronald D. Moore, and former NFL player Cameron Worrell. Unfortunately, Chowchilla, CA is also home to thousands of pests like termites, roaches, and rats that would love to destroy your home. When you call Conquest Pest Control, however, we’ll kick them out of your home and keep them out!

We Know California Pests Like Only Local Pest Control Techs Can

You won’t get a faceless corporation here! At Conquest Pest Control, we’re California natives and have grown up chasing mice and smashing roaches found throughout California. At the heart of our company is a commitment to provide top-notch pest control services that remove insects and rodents from your home and keep them out with regular treatments. There’s no hidden price tags or “gotcha” moments: just 30+ years of experience and drive to make every job our best one yet.

No newbies here! We’ve been doing this for over 30 years.

Conquest Pest Control has served homes throughout California for over 30 years so we’re no stranger to the annoying creepy crawlies that are bothering you. Rest assured, our pest control technicians are up-to-date on their licensing requirements and participate in regular training. When a ConquestPC truck pulls up to your home, you bet that you’ll get the best service and treatment that the pest control industry has to offer.

Benefits of our pest control in Chowchilla

Chowchilla pest control for these pests:


Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Ants, Fleas, Spiders and Ticks


Wasps, Mosquitos, Flies, and common flying insects


Mice, Rodents, Rats, Bats, and Birds

Flexible packages

Pest control service packages

Our three Chowchilla pest control packages were designed for ultimate effectiveness and flexibility. We can spray to control and prevent the most common pests or focus on specific pests. Pick one of the three service frequency options and get in touch today!


We'll spray your residential or commercial property every month - this is the most effective way to keep your home secure against pests, especially in high pest threat areas.


Having your home or property sprayed every other month is the average and recommended for cases of average pest and bug sightings. This frequency will keep the pests at bay.


Perfect for homes or property with very little pest threat. This helps build and maintain a shield around your house for the most common pests.

Let’s secure your Clovis home or property against bugs.

Let’s secure your Chowchilla home or property against bugs.

It's Bed Bug & Mosquito Season!

Give us a call or send us a message to prevent them from entering your home!